【Hyogo Kobe Rokkomichi Mikage】Ohirune Art YUA

Baby's photo session by mom

How can we take pretty baby's photography with our own camera?

We held photo sessions once a month at Sannomiya, Rokkomichi and Mikage.

※This is an image. We have a lot of variations.




3,000yen(in tax)(20min・2arts)



We have two different arts in each sessions and take pretty photos by YOUR camera.


This session is for Baby and Mom (Daddy is also welcome!)


We are able to held this session at your place if you order more than 3 pairs.

Feel free to access here


You can rental costumes if you need. (100yen/1cosutume)

All babies wear one art clothes at one photo session.

Some of clothes are not for rental because of our circumstances.

※Of course you can try your own clothes. 

What is Ohirune-art?

Ohirune-art is a style of photography which has themes like birthday, rany day, valentine's day etc...

Photos of your baby will have backgrounds and objects based on the themes.